The New Orland

The New Orland is a Dutch electronic project of Erik de Bree and Marcel Beijk. The duo has exchanged guitars for synthesizers and drum computers and has embarked on an entirely new musical quest. Inspired by acts such as Clark, Lorn, Nosaj Thing, Rival Consoles in combination with their past as an experimental post-rock band, The New Orland makes electronic music in its own style. They have worked on their first releases in their home studio and have now released a series of 3 EPs.

The New Orland is convinced that their past as a band has a major influence on how they operate in this new form of music making. The urge to improvise is also great in their live set. With a setup in which two workstations of synthesizers and drum machines with effect pedals are combined with samples from the existing tracks, they can change direction at any time. From electronic drones to techno, everything is possible within the structures of the existing tracks.