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The New Orland

The New Orland is a Dutch electronic project of Erik de Bree and Marcel Beijk. Their past as an experimental post-rock band shaped their way of altering this new electronic adventure. Inspired by acts as Clark, Indian Wells, and rival consoles they started to shape a new and unique sound. In the past they released a series of 3 EPs and their first full-length album ' Every Fuck-Up Needs A Hug' was released end of 2022.

The tracks on the album ‘Every Fuck-Up Needs A Hug’ do not directly fall within a specific electronic genre. The tempo of the tracks varies between 90 and 150 BPM. Broken sounds are interspersed with catchy melodies and danceable beats with sound structures. Except for a few text samples, the songs are entirely instrumental.


The New Orland is convinced that their past as a band has a major influence on how they operate in this new form of music making. The urge to improvise is also great in their live set. With a setup in which two workstations of synthesizers, drum machines and effect pedals are combined with samples from their existing tracks, they can change direction at any time. From electronic drones to techno, everything is possible within the structures of their liveset.

You can find the full-length album ‘Every Fuck-Up Needs A Hug’ on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. If you would like to receive the MP3s, send an email to and you will receive a Wetransfer link.

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